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Meet The Team At Heathers Hair Salon 


For more than four decades, Heather’s unisex hair salon in Dorchester has provided beautiful hair for our clients.

All of our stylists are well versed and very experienced in a variety of modern and traditional styles.

And to top it all off, they are welcoming and friendly, making your experience at Heather's a luxurious, warm and social one.







Heather’s cutting education started early, when she left school at 15 to begin work at Kay’s Hair Salon in Cornhill. When the owners retired, Heather moved to her own salon in 1977 in Durngate Street, with just one apprentice for company. When Kay’s closed, all of the employee’s asker her for a job, so she moved location to Hardy Arcade and employed all of her old colleagues. 

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When Hardy Arcade was threatened with redevelopment, Heather moved the salon back to Durngate Street. It is at this location that Heather has developed the company and her hairdresser’s training development through ongoing education and skills workshops. It is only through Heather’s high standards and commitment to excellence, that her hair salon has been able to really thrive throughout the years. Importantly, she understands that however great the haircuts are, it would be pointless without excellent service. So, she works hard to always ensure that there is always a relaxed and friendly atmosphere when clients visit Heather’s hair salon.  For more information about our unisex hair salon in Dorchester, please call in or phone us.




With an incredible 36 years of experience, Vanessa is the longest serving hairdresser at Heathers. She has enhanced her skills on a number of courses and has a passion for creating amazing hair, whether the client is looking for something easy to manage, or in a more avantgarde style. 

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Vanessa has a real eye for hair, and her remarkable skills, have allowed her to build a large and loyal, pleasant and personal client base. Vanessa constantly keeps track of new trends and developments and is always happy to help customers with guidance and expert advice. She is a true expert in her field and in every aspect of hairdressing.




Cheryl has been working at Heathers for more than twenty-five years and has attended a multitude of advanced styling courses over the years. Her understanding and knowledge mean that she can expertly cut, colour and perm. Her expertise in every facet of styling and cutting means she has developed a very large clientele.

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Cheryl has a vivacious personality and derives real satisfaction from giving her clients stunning styles and designs. She is an excellent stylist, with many years of experience behind her.

If you would like to book an appointment at our unisex hair salon in Dorchester, please get in contact.




Caroline has been with the Heathers salon family for more than fifteen years (and settled here after moving down from the north). After training with the Francesco group, Caroline now specializes in cutting and colouring, but offers a wide range of hair dressing and cutting services.

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Caroline is a highly motivated stylist and really enjoys creating something beautiful for her clients, whether that be a with a whole new style or tidying up an existing look. She is an amazing hair stylist, with many years’ experience colouring, cutting and perming.




Hayley has been with the team since 2010 and is more than qualified in styling and cutting, having run her own salon in Devizes for two years. She has a real aptitude for cutting, colouring and styling and creates amazing styles.

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Hayley has finished a number of specialist barbering courses and is skilful men’s hair, including THE FADE. Not a lot phases Hayley. She is very adventurous is also a quality general stylist.




Since 2007, Lianne has been providing amazing cuts, colours and perms for her loyal clientele. Lianne is a senior stylist at Heathers, and has an exhaustive knowledge of hair treatments, but really specializes in colouring and finding the perfect look. Lianne has completed a number of advanced courses so has a real understanding of what does and doesn’t work. If you are uncertain as to what you are hoping for in a new look, Lianne will be able to offer expert guidance.

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Lianne styles a lot of bridal and prom and really enjoys making clients look spectacular on their special day. Please get in touch with Heather’s if you would like a hair treatment from Lianne, be it prom, wedding or a general hair style.




Georgia began working at Heather’s immediately after leaving school. She quickly completed her Level 3 in hairdressing and now works as a stylist creating beautiful designs for her clients. 

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Georgia then complimented her education in hairdressing by completing courses in haircuts, barbering, THE FADE and advanced female hair styling & cutting. Gentleman looking for a professional cut, should know that Georgia is especially skilled in creating outstanding FADES.

Georgia loves dressing long hair for proms and weddings and is really good at it. Come and visit our unisex hair salon in Dorchester, for a great style by Georgia.




Jasmine is a very talented stylist with a bubbly personality that customers love. Jasmine is currently working towards her junior Level 3 hairdressing at Francesco Group College.

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She is currently in the process of building her clientele, which means she is able to provide beautiful hair at a lower cost. Although she is in the process of training, Jasmine has a keen interest in fashion and is always abreast of new developments and trends.

If you would like to model for Jasmine and take advantage of her excellent rates, please get in touch with Heather’s Hair Salon.




Michelle is also attending Francesco Group college and is currently in her second year. She is top of her class and has a natural flair for creating stunning styles for her clients. 

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Michelle is a people person and has all of the skills essential to becoming a good stylist. She is available at a great price.

If you wish to come in and model for Michelle, please contact Heather’s unisex hair salon in Dorchester and book an appointment.


Our Work Speaks For Itself

We are constantly working with clients on new styles and delivering fantastic cuts that bring our customers
from miles around. We are so proud of our work and wish to share it with you.


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